Bike Trip


Trip date : Starts on 1st of June – Finishes on 15th of June \Total  15 days\

Introduction of the Bike trip: Big Blue Flower LLC started to organize Bike trip from 2018. Bike trip is a long-distance, challenge adventure.

We would like to offer you historic adventure in Khentii province Great Genghis Khan’s birthplace and his main Territory.
The trip will visit many cultural monuments and the Genghis Khan’s birthplace,  Baldan Bereeven Monastery with archaeological importance, Black Heart Blue Lake were he had crowned and Kherleng Country Island were he grew up.  Traveling to the birthplace of the Chinggis Khan  will provide you with a warm community atmosphere while admiring the natural beauty and creating a healthy lifestyle.

After the trip, if you want we will be happy to broadcast trip documentary  including the memories of the trip.

Aim of the trip :

Development of cycling tourism

Promote of historical tourism features

Promote historical travel globally


зарлагдсан аялал

Bike trip


Aяллын өдрүүд

Аялалд бэлгэх зүйлс:

– Toiletries

– Bicycle protection helmet

-Cycling clothes, shoes, raincoat, warm clothes

-Water bottle to carry on bike

-Camera and mobile phone charger

– A small backpack