"Big Blue Flower" LLC, aims to bring the development of Mongolia's tourism industry to the world level, 
started its operations in the direction of long-distance adventure expeditions and trips in 2018, 
and is expanding its activities by implementing the "World Horsemen" project.
The specialty and advantage of our company is that it organizes long-distance 
horse, camel, yak, and cross-country adventure trips, as well as a  camp that can be operated 
anywhere, and a professional chef service.
At present, we have organized 150-450 km adventure trips for Gobi Cold Camel Expedition in 2018,2019, 2020 
Spring, Winter, Fall reindeer trips in 2018,2019, 2022  and as well as Great Nomad Expedition 
which 1200 km expedition 2022 where you ride Mongolia's four animals that you can ride such as
 horse, camel, yak and reindeer traveling from Mongolia's very South point to very North point in over 20 days .  
Also we give a chance to travelers who like to travel on bicycle which is Biking on a Chinggis Khan territory . 

All of our Expeditions and trips  provide a certain amount of wealth to the nomad people and 
made many educational television programs on Mongolian TV channels, You tube channels. 


By introducing the beautiful nature of Mongolia, the unique formations and unique nomadic culture of  to the foreign people in real spontaneous way riding animals, stay with nomad families and migrate with them.

More than 10 expedition crew members  are the foundation of our adventures success, so we always aim to develop their skills to the highest level, provide opportunities for growth, and create a fair, equal, and positive environment.

From 2020, as part of the “World Horsemen” project, our company started organizing a “Mongolian Urtuu Race ” -1000 km horse race by ancient messenger system to promoting Mongolia’s great national heritage and culture to the world for the 4th year.

As a result of this race, Mongolians set a record of covering 1000 km in 9 days in 39 hours 36 minutes 23 seconds, and the conditions to compete for this record have been fully established.

We are working to establish this competition as in World Brand competition that every horsemen race in Mongolian steppe and Mongolian half wild horse.

Үүсгэн байгуулагчид

Founder , general director of Big Blue Flower LLC. Everyone calls her TESS.  She is the our fashion figure of our expedition and works everyone to be fashionable. She works as main organizer and interpreter. She is an Oriental Medical Doctor ,  Yoga instructor of Facial yoga and Multi style yoga. Experienced organizer of  the longest and the most adventurist expeditions such as Gobi Cold Camel Expedition, Great Nomad Expedition and Ride to Reindeer trips.   And works as chief of Mongolian Urtuu Race , 1000 kilometer horse race.


Founder, general director  of Big Blue Flower and  execute director of “Arvagar Kheer” Mongolian Horse Racing, Horse trainer Association“.  Everyone calls him BIG MAN. He actually runs Mongolia by his phone. He is the one of the respected person among Mongolian horse trainers and herders. He had earned trust from Government and herders by Mongolian Horse Monument which is one of the largest horse statue complex  for the fastest race  horses of last century. Also he invented horse race gate for the first time in 2007 . He owned record of “The Person who organized most horse races by himself by 137 races. He is the main gate to Mongolian herders and horse trainers.  Experienced organizer of the  longest and the most adventurist expeditions such as Gobi Cold Camel Expedition, Great Nomad Expedition and Ride to Reindeer trips.  Chief of Mongolian Urtuu Race , 1000 kilometer horse race.


Founder and general director of Big Blue Flower LLC. She is an inspirational leader, equestrian athlete, intrepid explorer from Northland, New Zealand. Also author of Fearless,  expedition leader and wild horse trainer.  She is a modern-day explorer with fascination for wild places and incredible people and animals that inhabit them.  She had finished Mongol derby world the longest, the toughest 1000 km horse race in 2013.  She spent months living in the mountains of Kazakhstan and attended the first World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan. She had worked with various projects to aid working animals in India, Egypt and Fiji, and now helps run an equine and animal welfare and education organization in South Pacific as part of an NGO team.  She had chosen for face of Duplin Clothing New Zealand.  She is our most experienced expedition leader in Great nomad expedition, Gobi Cold Camel Expedition and Ride to the Reindeer. She  works as an international judge of Mongolian Urtuu Race.


He is the AMAZING chef of Big Blue Flower LLC. Everyone who came to our expedition worshipped Buya’s delicious dishes even in countryside.  He offers the greatest cuisine every day during expedition. From 2013-2015 he worked as a chef  in Ikh Tenger Complex where most of the presidential  events taken.  He successfully served more than 50 official visits and state visits . His main service was Vladimir Putin President of Russia and Xi Jinping Chairman of  People’s Republic of Chinese.

From 2018 оhe had worked for Big Blue Flower LLC as a chef.


Chief of logistics in Big BLue Flower LLC. From 2018 he worked as a  logistic service during Gobi Cold Camel Expedition, Spring and Fall Reindeer Ride to north. Also he does main logistics for Mongolian Urtuu Race .